Saturday, 30 October 2010

Will it be ready in time?

I have been worrying if the car will be complete enough for the Classic Car show, even without the delays at the paintshop, all the little jobs that I need to do seem to be taking a long long time, and there's lots left to do, even to get a part complete car in a "showable" state.

First job this morning was to load all the suspension into my trusty Zafira and take it to the paintshop ready for fitment after the underside is painted.

Before I went, I ground off the protruding caliper bolt and had a quick look at the disk run out - its about 15thou on both disks, and I don't know why. Is it the hub, the bearings or the disks? It will have to be investigated properly later, but right now it won't stop it going onto the wheels.

Good progress at the paintshop, drivers rear quarter loaded and finished, rear valence finished and doors off as they prepare the door shuts.

The plan is to have it painted for next weekend. I also inspected the paint New Triumph White, its been mixed specially, and looks a little more ivory in colour than the original paint, but thats whats on the Heritage certificate, and is the same as a recently painted Stag that I saw of the same age.

Got home and the first job was to scrub the grot and grease from the bulkhead mats and tunnel lining, much work and degreaser later I ended up with this

The front bulkhead needs some boot polish or similar to restore the colour, but the others are OK, the foam backing is now damp, and I would like to bring them into the house to dry, but I don't think the smell of drying degreaser will go down well with Anne.

I have also cleaned off the wiring loom, and will inspect that when dry, it needs retaping in some places, but that can wait until one night in the week when I get some loom tape from work - its pvc tape but with no adhesive.

I gave the gearbox a final clean and degrease

and also notice a FF stamping marking it as VC011, which talies with their build records - which is nice!

I have also noticed a drain and filler plug on the transfer box, time to inspect and change this oil too, I think.

Bellhousing and surface rusty torque converter now fitted

and front diff sump pan now in place.

Next its time to mate the engine and gearbox.

Hours worked now 674 - 8 today
Money spent 14085 - £20 on powder coating

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