Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Paintshop and some other snags

I only managed to get a quick visit to the paintshop this weekend, due to work commitments, but have managed to do a few more hours work on the car today, firstly the paintshop have started the leadloading

I am very impressed with their work so far, its of an excellent standard.

Tonight I started to assemble the new discs to the hubs, as I wanted to weld my dust shields to the hub carrier and I needed the discs and hubs on so that I can fit the dust shields correctly, the discs fit the hubs well

but god knows what thread they have tapped the bolt holes to, I have tried UNF, UNC (thats what the originals were), and metric but nothing fits - I have telephoned them and they are calling back with details

So giving up with that I fitted the bearings to the hub carriers, that went well enough, but one oil seal is too small - will nothing go right?

I contented myself by fitting the CV joint clips

and the sump to the engine,

as tomorrow I intend to fit the front diff back on the engine, thats it, one evening getting nowhere fast.

650 hours now worked - 5 tonight

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