Sunday, 23 August 2009

Fitting rear wing

A lot of work done today, but not much visible progress. Firstly I cleaned up all the flanges, got them nice and shiny and no trace of the old spot welds.

I then tried to see how the wing fitted into the estate parts. It rapidly became apparent that the lower rear window support had to come out - 2 reasons - its riddled with rust at the far end and will need repair or the rust will bubble through the lead loading - and - its fitted over the flanges on the wing. If you look carefully at the picture, the top channel has sections of rear wing brazed into it.

I hadn't wanted to remove this part in case of distortion in the shell, but happily the "bird cage" has held it all together.

I also had to remove the lower panel parts shown in the picture, as well as being rusty and requiring repair, one fits above another part of the wing, and the other below the wing, effectively sandwiching the wing flange. These are internal fitments holding the wood trim and other parts of the boot area.

So here is the back of the rear wing area fully stripped and ready

to refit the wing.

I am so pleased, its a PERFECT fit, fits the door gap, sill and rear valence and boot floor absolutley spot on. Its kind of a milestone, the front end repairs have finally joined up with the rear end repairs

Its got to come off for now while I finish the inner wheel arch repairs, but then it can go back on permamently, and I can then attend to the window area and rear pillar repairs

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