Friday, 21 August 2009

Passenger Front Wing Area Finished

Finished off the inner wheel arch, let the other repair section in, with a finished result like this

And from the rear, it looks like this. So when the car is complete, if any one checks the wing flanges, they will feel like a factory car with original wings. I still have to complete the seam welding of the repair panel to the arch, but I will wait until the car is on its side to do that, there is simply too much weld spatter to do this in any comfort from underneath. The welds will need grinding back then too.

The rear of the wing / bulkhead area looks like this.

So cut the top out upto the flange

Then cut off the rain channel, and corner of the box section

First repaired the box section.

Then made up the rain channel support

Then fitted the top section, and formed a rain channel out of it too. Which I hope now replicates the original.

Did a small patch repair in the inner wing, letting in a piece of metal. And thats, it another section of the car complete.

Still looking for a new passenger front wing, anyone any ideas?

So, as the floor panel and sills are also complete on this side (again apart from some welding underneath) I will move onto the rear wing area next.

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