Saturday, 29 August 2009

Rear wing finished and other repairs.

Thats it, rear wing on and welded in place, including the flanges in the boot.

Although its not totally clear in the picture above, I have fitted MK2 sills, as Chris B pointed out, it should have MK1 sills. These are different at the rear, and have a "curved" end that follows the flare of the wheel arch, this will be rectified with a little lead loading and careful shaping later on.

One small problem has come to light with the wing, its about 3-4 mm longer than the old wing as shown by the old boot closure. Its the only place thats not a perfect fit. It may not matter and be within "standard triumph tolerances" but I may have to cut a little out of it, or reform the flange.

Compared to the original other side it is slightly longer - I will probably leave it until I fit the other new rear wing and compare then.

There's a lot of repair fabrication to do here, as well as the D post repairs.

So started with the inner boot fittings, welded a new flange on the triangular piece, and simply made up a new piece of channel as the original was so rotten - this piece holds the wood capping.

Temporarily in place, note the far end of the triangle is not lined up with the old marks, this is because the top of the wing needs to curve in more towards the centre of the car.

After some work, here it is, all lined up correctly.

Next D post repairs, and parts to be fabricated around the rear lamp housing and boot closure.

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