Monday, 3 August 2009

Front Finished

First job was to fabricate and fit 2 simple brackets for the oil cooler - here's the drivers side done.

Next job was to fit the top panel (at last), first it needed some work to make it fit the Stag radiator surround and air intake.

The 2 large ribs running front to back were in the way of the curved support rail. I had worried about what to do with these for a time, as heating and hammering them flat would probably have distorted the panel. In the end I cut a slot in them parallel to the length, and gently hammered them closed, when the slot closed up, I cut another and so on until the ribs were flat where required. A simple weld and grind back soon had them in shape.

The next issue was the support rail then fouling the large "dimple" in the panel, a few small hammer blows fixed this, and here is the top of the panel modified and fitted in place.

View from the windscreen area, the 2 large rectangular holes visible by the curved support panel hold captive nuts for the Stag radiator

And finally a view of the front all finished, again lots and lots of spot welds.

Thats about 15" of the car fixed in 3 months, at this rate the remaining 160 inches will take 30 months !

I still need the Stag lower radiator support, but thats easily welded in later. No one has stock of this, so I may commission one from Radford Panels or Earlpart.

Next I am going to finish fixing the passenger front inner wing, while I contemplate the best way to proceed with the roof.

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