Saturday, 8 August 2009

Sill Work

Cut off the outer sill which was mainly good, then the middle sill which had rusted out at the bottom (the Ziebart had not been applied to the other side of the sill cavity), then chopped off the rusted front inner sill, and the rusted lower half of the front inner wing. Made up a repair panel for the front inner wing which is fitted here.

Then fitted new front jacking point to the remains of the middle sill, its a good job the inner sill was rotten and removed as there is no other way to get at this jacking point other than from the inside.

As the rest of the inner sill was good, with only light surface rust, I cut a repair panel from the new inner sill and attached it to the old inner sill - at this point it is only welded where it joins the old inner sill - more about that later.

Next trial fitted a repair panel for the middle sill. Again not welded yet, just clamped.

Front section of the sills now look like this, not the feathery metal that was there before.

Next job is to trial fit the outer sill, again with clamps only. Once I am happy this fits, I intend to refit the doors, and check alignment and clearances. If the gaps have closed or are not parallel, the car can be jacked underneath, until the clearances are restored. Then the panels can be welded. I am hoping however, that with the braces and only partial removal of the middle / inner sill things will not have changed and I can have a simple time welding up the new metal. Once complete the floor and outrigger can go back.

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