Saturday, 22 August 2009

Rear Wing Passenger Side

On to the rear wing, chopped it off, and then spent several hours melting and removing the lead on the rail under the window where it joins the wing. The silvery splash marks on the arch is where the lead dripped !

Of course removing the wing reveals several more areas that need repair. Although the picture doesn't show this, the rear tailgate pillar has a very large hole where the metal had rusted under the lead, and the upright pillar at the rear is not attached to anything at the top. There are repair sections also needed inside the car in this area, where it has also rusted through.

Rear inner wheel arch needs this repairing.

And there is this damage at the front of the arch above the sill.

When the rest of the wing comes off in the arch area I will probably also find repairs are needed to the flanges.

On a brighter note the spring seat mounting looks good, and I cannot find anything else nasty.

So repairs to these areas will start tomorrow.

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