Friday, 7 August 2009

Flintstone's Car

Cut the front floor out today, before starting the sills, as I needed to look at the chassis rails and outriggers. The front out rigger position was still connected to the original chassis rail, shown in this picture, and a new rail had been made 20mm or so to the left of the original to allow for the tunel mods also shown in this picture. Although there is lots of rust on these, its only surface rust.

Replacement outrigger in position, shows the old and new chassis rails a little bit clearer than the first picture.

Floor in position, edges still need a little work, but this will do until the sills are replaced.
The upturned flange near the large lump in the tunnel, replicates what I found under the rust.
The right hand edge of the floor has been cut and joined above the rear outrigger, and below the seat mount pan, so when the turned back flange on the seat mount is replaced the join will be invisible as it will be between 2 flanges.

I had a better look at the sills, and they have got to go. The inner sill is rusted though for the first 40cm, and the middle in sections underneath - pity really as the outer sill looks good along its entire length.

Sill work tomorrow.

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