Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Floor Pan in and other jobs

I took all the suspension parts, and other pieces, such as the air intake and brake reservoir brackets off to the powder coaters today, so in 2 weeks time I will have lots of shiny parts ready to go back on the car. The starter motor, alternator and steering rack have also come back from the reconditioners, so its coming together.

I shall probably have a go at the wood veneers soon as most of the existing varnish has gone.

Back to work on the car, here's a picture of the finished sill, showing the door gap is now correct at the front.

I have still to grind back the seam welds, but thats not an evening job! (at least if I want to still stay on speaking terms with my neighbours.)

Floor pan and out rigger now fitted, again welds need grinding back - a weekend job I think.

Next job is to finish the front inner wing arch repairs.

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