Monday, 17 August 2009

Front Inner Wheel Arch

Decided to get on with the front wheel arch tonight. Fitted the front wing, and low and behold the sill closing panel flange doesn't go under the wing flange, its 20mm too narrow at the top and rather less at the bottom, so cut a slot in it, and pulled the flange out, until there was a nice V sectioned gap.

Put a joddled V shape fillet in this, which will disappear after grinding.

Did a little more work on the front repair section and got this welded in now.

Trial fitted the middle section, this doesn't fit either, there's not enough curve at the top and bottom, so again cut and welded to make it fit.

And thats where work finished as it now needs grinding off and its past my curfew, still should finish the wheel arch tomorrow night.

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