Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sill Closing Panel and Powder Coating

I didn't get much done on the car today as I went to the Stafford show. However I did go to the powder coaters and pick these parts up.

I can now install the antiroll bar and reconditioned steering rack on the sub frame. Got the rack bushes and anti rollbar mounts and rubbers from the show.

When I got home I thought I'd fit the sill closing panel that I had got. However the fit wasn't perfect, as this picture shows it was about 10mm proud all the way down the bulkhead edge.

Although the curve is correct, its about 10mm too deep.

So I cut the repair panel in two, joddled the bulkhead edge, and put one part of the panel in place.

Next I cut the other piece of the panel to fit, and seam welded it down the join like this.

After welding and grinding back it looks like this -I am hoping that even the under wing repair sections will be invisible - or at least very very hard to spot.

And from inside the car.

Next job is to repair the small hole left in the floor in front of the new floor panel, and the remainder of the inner wheel arch.

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